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I'm Mitali Das, the busy mom of 2 teenagers.I'm a marketing manager in a health care industry. I'm a Personal trainer and a Zumba instructor. I help moms and others discover their untapped energy so they can WIN every day no matter what life throws at them.

I'm talking about those who run around with their kids, The mom who works. Those who stop by fast food because it's convenient. I'm talking about those who take care of their kids, the house, the husband, family and everyone else but herself. If this resonates with you ... I want you to know --I got you! I will be at your side along the journey to a better you.

Why should you take my advice?

I have been there. After each child it became increasingly difficult to lose weight. I found it discouraging living the way I was.

I got fed up and got into the frame of mind to eat better, exercise more and do Zumba to help lose weight and maintain activity. Seeing loved ones suffer through disease is heartbreaking. Seeing my mom died out Alzheimer’s, I made a conscious choice to change my life. I don't want a life of depression and be dependent on hospitals and medications. I want to be active to keep up with my kids and possible grandchildren in the future :) I help moms conquer their poor lifestyle choices and increase their changes of a healthier future through proper nutrition and exercises.

  • I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • I'm a Certified Zumba Instructor
"There is no such things as failure. There are only results." -Tony Robbins

More on Me

I love Bollywood, Bruno Mars, and oldies music. I like to travel I like adventure I love to dance I like dressing up comfortably and meeting with new people and learning more about them and their culture I read and listen to podcasts: My faves are Chalean Johson and Precision Nutrition I love to changing lives and encouraging others to do the best they can

Classes run for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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